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About Us

Kampus or Campus was born from the idea of bringing new flavors and experiences to Tartu. We have followed all this since the beginning, because the solutions for how we want to reach our guests are constantly changing over time. We dare to experiment and be a pioneer to still share emotions together!

About the Restaurant

When it comes to Kampus, it is a bold, playful and sometimes rebellious place. Our biggest goal is to always surprise our guests and take them out of their comfort zone. A controlled chaos where a taste experience is always guaranteed.



Food & Drinks

Kampus has three kitchens: Chef’s corner, KAUSS poké and Uulits. The menus are all unique and different. In the Chef’s corner you will find an À la carte style menu with a lighter, sit-down meal and sweet selection. In addition, the Chef’s corner has fresh oysters on the menu every day.

KAUSS and Uulits are open every day from 11am to 9pm. KAUSS offers poké bowls that are fresh and always made from the best quality ingredients and in Uulits you can find the best handmade burgers, wraps and hand-made fries in Tartu.

Bon Appetit!

The Team

Our collective is youthful and brave! Togetherness and team spirit stands out from afar. Many people work under one roof, but everyone has one goal – to enjoy life and make it enjoyable for our guests!